User manuals


Apple Watch

Version: 1.6
Available paid extensions:
Share Audio Memos, Advanced Audio Pack
Multiple Selection, Bookmarks, Categories
Adjustable Playback Speed, Edit Options


Apple Watch

Version: 2.1.2
Price: $4.99

MP3 & WAV files

Just press record button and start to dictate
Or choose start recording when the app becomes the foreground
Rewrite the last part of the recording quickly
Filter the more quiet sounds which will be considered as "silence" and recording will be paused
Set record gain and record silent sounds more loudly
Record sound from other apps

your recordings

Send your recordings to SoundCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Evernote
Or use Ftp server, iTunes, Wi-Fi, E-mail
Synchronize recordings between Dropbox and your iOS devices automatically
Open your files in another application
Access your recordings on other devices in iCloud Drive
Synchronize recordings, bookmarks, main preferences and categories with iCloud for iOS devices

your files

Append new recording to the end of the current one. Video
Overwrite any part of the recorded track. Video
Trim a part of the track in a new file. Video
Cut off part of the track in a new file. Video
Insert a new recording in the current recording. Video
Concatenate two recordings in one file. Video

your recordings

Rename, move and delete files
All recordings can be easily structured by groups. For example you can create the categories "Lectures", "Interview", "Private", "Studies", etc.
Add a new group, rename, move recordings into group or delete a group


Sort tracks by name, duration, date, extension and size.
Specify the playback: one track, list, track loop, list loop , random
Set the timer to stop a playback after some time
Playback speed x0.5, x0.8, x1, x1.5, x2, x4
Set bookmarks and start playback from any bookmark or arrange a playback route from the bookmarks
Repeat the whole recording or some part of the recording

Apple Watch

Apple Watch can be connected with iPhone and used as remote control for ALON Dictaphone placed on iPhone.
Or you may record directly by Apple Watch.