Version: 1.9.3

User manual

Price: $4.99

MP3 and WAV formats
Stereo support
Append and overwrite recordings
Filter silence during recording
Structure recordings by categories
Share your recordings via iTunes, HTTP or FTP
Sync preferences and categories with iCloud

Append new recording to the track.
Select and overwrite any part of your audio recording.

Filter silence during recording.
Select the appropriate level of sounds to be considered as "silence".

Organize your recordings in categories.

Delete, rename, share and move your recordings.

Send your recordings using e-mail, FTP and HTTP or upload them to SoundCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox or get them using iTunes.

Split your recording and send in several messages if it has big size.

Sync your files and categories on your FTP server.
Sync recordings via iTunes or HTTP.

Set bookmarks during recording or playback and switch on the important segments in an instant.

Start playback from any bookmark or arrange a playback route from the bookmarks.

Select the appropriate bookmarks and arrange a playback route.
Change the order of bookmarks the way you want.

Sync preferences and categories with iCloud.

ALON Dictaphone (Apple)

Supported devices


ALON Dictaphone is full-featured voice recorder with an amazingly intuitive interface. You can record interviews, ideas, voice memos, lectures, dictation, lists, meetings, classes… For journalists, sound engineers, vocalists, business men, students and personal use.

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